The 10 Worst/Common Mistakes You Can Do When Training With Resistance Bands

There shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that using resistance bands is very effective to reach any fitness goal – be it building muscles, increase strength or loose body fat. All this is possible by training with resistance bands and of course time. Change does not come overnight. But there are some guidelines you […]

The 5 Best Glute Exercises With Resistance Bands

Glutes multi featured

Looking for a great booty? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will describe you all the essential exercises you need to build the glutes you’re looking for. Sadly, there are many misconceptions about working your glutes right, especially when it comes to the right exercise selection that will make you leave […]

The 6 Best Bicep Exercises With Resistance Bands

Biceps Multi featured

You want to know how to work out your biceps effectively and what exercises are the best for this purpose? You came to the right place. We will show you how to train your biceps anywhere and having great results – the only tool you will need – is a set of resistance bands! You […]

The 9 Best Shoulder Exercises With Resistance Bands

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Resistance Bands are a great tool to build your shoulders and in this article I want to show you all the different exercises as well as give you background information how to combine them to really hit all parts of your shoulder right. In the first part, you will find some information about the anatomy […]

Pull Throughs With Resistance Band

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Pull Throughs are a great exercise to build your glutes and a nice alternative to Good Mornings or Hip Thrusts. By doing the Pull Throughs with a resistance band you can not only do than anywhere you want without needing a cable machine, you also get other advantages that I want to show you. In […]

Russian Twist With Resistance Band

biqbandtraining russian twist with resistance band

Russian Twist is an exercise that works well for developing your obliques as well as your general core strength. Doing it with a resistance band is a great option here because you can eliminate one of the most-common mistakes easily while getting more load on your obliques and train them more effectively than doing it […]