Why Does Training With Resistance Bands Work

#1 Why Does Training With Bands Work? Well the reason is quite simple. The muscles in our body have basically one purpose, and it is to enable us to interact with the world around us. Walking, jumping, opening doors, lifting a bottle to drink – all these things are only possible because our muscles can […]

The Top 7 Resistance Band Exercises For Your Arms

There are still some skeptics out there but more and more people have already experienced how effective training with resistance bands can be. You can use resistance bands to train every single body part and use them to achieve any fitness goal. Building muscle, increase strength or burn fat – you name it. You came […]

The Best 7 Mini Band Exercises For A Great Full Body Workout

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There are several types of resistance bands. One of them are mini or small bands. They don’t have the same resistance output compared to the bigger brothers like Loop and Tube Resistance Bands, but this does not mean that they are easy! In this article you will learn how to use mini bands to train […]

The Best Resistance Band Exercises To Target The Upper Chest

When it comes to great, functional and aesthetic looking chest muscles, heavy compound exercises are key. They will make sure that your pecs will grow and prosper. But sometimes certain parts of the pec muscles are lagging. Is there actually a way to target different parts? Especially the upper chest is a big problem zone […]

The 6 Best Triceps Exercises With Resistance Bands

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Direct triceps work is important. The triceps is the biggest muscle on your upper arm and plays a major role in any pressing movement as well as aesthetics. Often people don’t train or don’t know how to really effectively target the triceps. Especially when it comes to using resistance bands for workouts there are a […]

The 5 Best Exercises For Bulletproof Abs With Resistance Bands

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Getting the bulletproof abs you hear so much about is actually not that hard. The secret is choosing the right exercises and doing that ab workout on a regular basis. Consistency builds greatness. A flat stomach with visible abs is great for the warm season and looking good at the beach, but the actual benefit […]

The Only 4 Core Exercises You Need With Resistance Bands

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Core workouts are probably the most neglected routines out there. It is so easy to overlook because you won’t see much difference in the mirror when training your core. But your core muscles are the foundation for athleticism, fitness in general or simply a healthy and functional body. In this article we will show you […]

The 6 Best Back Exercises With Resistance Bands

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Your back contains the most muscle mass in your upper body. But still a lot of people neglect the back when it comes to training and working out. This is a pity, since your back will be a major factor when it comes to having a great fitness or simply looking good. A hard thing […]

The 7 Best Leg Exercises With Resistance Bands

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Our legs contain the most muscle mass in our body and can produce the most force. Think about it, they must carry your bodyweight throughout the day your whole life long. For great legs you must provide enough resistance for them to grow. Simply doing exercises with your bodyweight won’t be enough. But weights are […]

Fire Hydrant With Resistance Bands (Clamshells)

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The Fire Hydrant is a great exercise that isolates your glutes. Basically all the work is done by your glutes. This exercise has a couple of names – Fire Hydrant, Clamshells, Clams – don’t be confused, essentially the difference is very small and is in the body position while performing the exercise. In this article […]