How Resistance Bands Can Boost Weight Loss

If you want to lose some weight and think about using resistance bands to support that progress you have many options. I want to show you in this article how resistance bands will give you a lot more exercises to lose weight, keep your motivation up and, long-term, give you great results.

Weight Loss & Resistance Bands

Alright, if you want to lose weight it’s all about burning more calories than you take in to force your body to burn calories stored as fat in your body. While this is also heavily depending on the amount of food eat, training is a great way to boost the calories your burn and make you lose weight faster.

Traditionally every workout or exercise will burn calories because you will need more calories (fuel) to make your body move – but the thing is not every exercise or workout will burn as many calories as possible in a certain time. Normally you will use anything that will keep your heart rate up as this will burn more calories.

I don’t want to get deeper into that basic topic here because I want to give you great additional ways how resistance bands will improve weight loss instead of telling you how losing weight in general works (I assume you already know that).

How Resistance Bands Support Weight Loss

As I said in the beginning, resistance band are able to actually give you better results for weight loss for several reasons.

#1 – Work Harder

By adding additional resistance to your regular cardio or HIIT workout, you’re able to force your body to work harder and therefore burn more calories. Even the lightest bands can give you a lot of extra exhaustion and you’d be surprised how much more calories you will burn by adding them (see our weight loss workout ideas here).

#2 – Overcome Motivational Downtimes

We all know these days when you just don’t feel like going into the gym or for a run (maybe it’s bad weather). Those are the days when you might decide that you will skip a workout and adding those days up will result in slower weight loss progression – every, single, workout, counts.

Bands are great to use at home or maybe when you’re on a business trip in your hotel room or on a vacation trip. They simply eliminate the excuse you will find and make it super easy to get into your gym cloth and workout at home, in the hotel or anywhere you are instead of giving yourself the comfy excuse of not doing your workout for this day.

#3 – Variety

Running works really well for burning calories and weight loss in general, no doubt about that. But you might get to a point where you just get bored from running every day or every other day and would like to do something else. A variety of exercises are great to get into exciting new workouts and stop monotony that might kill your motivation.

And believe me, a resistance band does make any “easy” exercise to a challenge when done right 🙂 (Again, check out our weight loss workout ideas here).

#4 – Building Muscle

I know, if you want to lose weight you might not want to build up a ton of muscles but the truth is that building up some muscles will raise your basic calorie burn rate so you can eat more without gaining weight because the additional muscles will need more calories every day.

I’m not talking about getting a bodybuilding body but adding a small amount of muscles will help you lose weight long term (you can actually build a ton of muscles with resistance bands but that’s not the primary topic here), so instead of running adding exercises for the upper body is always a good idea.

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