Fire Hydrant With Resistance Bands (Clamshells)

Fire Hydrant featured

The Fire Hydrant is a great exercise that isolates your glutes. Basically all the work is done by your glutes. This exercise has a couple of names – Fire Hydrant, Clamshells, Clams – don’t be confused, essentially the difference is very small and is in the body position while performing the exercise. In this article […]

Lateral Walks With Resistance Bands

Side Step Featured

Today we are taking a closer look on lateral walks and how to make them an effective exercise by using resistance bands. You might have stumbled upon other names for this exercise like side step or crab walks. Basically they are all the same movement. Lateral walks are great to warm up your lower body […]

Glute Bridges With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining glute bridge resistance band featured image

Glute bridges are a great way to warm up your body for some heavier lower body work or to work on your stability. Especially if you’re recovering from an injury and it healed already enough that you want to get into some simply and light movements. If your goal is to build some more mass […]

Pull Throughs With Resistance Band

biqbandtraining pull through resistance band featured image

Pull Throughs are a great exercise to build your glutes and a nice alternative to Good Mornings or Hip Thrusts. By doing the Pull Throughs with a resistance band you can not only do than anywhere you want without needing a cable machine, you also get other advantages that I want to show you. In […]

Monster Walks With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining monster walks with resistance band

Monster walks are a great way to get your body ready for a lower body workout. With resistance bands you will be able to even get a bigger activation in your glutes and hamstrings. Try it out and you will add it to your warm up routine straight away. In this article we will show […]

Donkey Kick Backs With Resistance Band

biqbandtraining donkey kicks resistance band featured image

Donkey Kicks (or also called Glute Kickbacks) are a great warm-up exercise to activate your glutes. In the basic version, this is not a booty building exercise but with resistance bands you can make this harder to actually make the Donkey Kick Backs an exercise to build your glutes. In the first part of this […]

Good Mornings With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining good mornings with resistance band

Good Mornings are an alternative to deadlifts and focus more on lower back while deadlifts have more focus on your hamstrings. This doesn’t mean that Good Mornings are not activating your hamstrings or glutes, but they are a more go-to exercise if you want to strengthen your lower back. In the first part of this […]

Lunges With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining lunges with resistance band

Lunges are great to take care of one leg at a time and really concentrate on pumping blood into the thighs. This exercise is also fantastic if you’re just starting out with fitness training and want to build a base and prepare your lower body for exercises like squats and deadlifts. And this is where […]

Deadlift With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining deadlift with resistance band

The mother of all exercises! The Deadlift. And an exercise you simply can’t skip in a good lower body workout. Especially nowadays when we sit quite a lot, it is a must to take care of your posterior chain and keep your lower back strong. Bands are a great tool to even do heavy exercises […]

Hip Thrust With Resistance Band

biqbandtraining hip thrust with resistance band

Hip Thrusts are great to target your glutes directly. Exercises like deadlifts and squats should still be the foundation of your lower body workouts. By adding hip thrusts, you will be able to get some extra focus on your glutes. Doing that will make sure that you reach your goal, be it more size or […]