Leg Extensions With Resistance Bands

Leg Extension featured

If you want to have a strong and toned lower body you simply can’t skip squats and deadlifts. With that being said, you also shouldn’t neglect isolation exercises for your lower body. Two great exercises to make your lower body training complete are Leg Curls and Leg Extensions. The Leg Extension is the topic of […]

Leg Press With Resistance Bands

Leg Press Featured

A great alternative to squads and a good exercise to get started with lower body training – especially for beginners. Usually leg presses can be only performed in gyms since you need a machine for this exercise. Resistance bands change that and make it possible to do leg pressing at home. That’s a game changer, […]

Monster Walks With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining monster walks with resistance band

Monster walks are a great way to get your body ready for a lower body workout. With resistance bands you will be able to even get a bigger activation in your glutes and hamstrings. Try it out and you will add it to your warm up routine straight away. In this article we will show […]

Bar Squats With Resistance Bands

biqband squat with bar featured image

We covered in the article right here how to squat only using resistance bands, your body and nothing else. But a bar or a barbell is actually a great tool you can use to combine with resistance bands. In this article we will cover how to perform squats with a bar and resistance bands. Using […]

Lunges With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining lunges with resistance band

Lunges are great to take care of one leg at a time and really concentrate on pumping blood into the thighs. This exercise is also fantastic if you’re just starting out with fitness training and want to build a base and prepare your lower body for exercises like squats and deadlifts. And this is where […]

Squats With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining squats with resistance band

This is probably the most important exercise for your general health and fitness. You should be doing squats on a regular basis, whether it be only with body weight or added resistance. Every muscle of your lower body will be active in a squat, in addition a lot of muscles in the upper body have […]