External Rotation With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining external rotation resistance band featured image

Nowadays, some level of shoulder problems isn’t that uncommon. If it isn’t a result of a harder impact, it is often due to structural imbalances of the body. In case of the shoulder, it is often a stronger front in combination with a weaker back side. Especially the smaller rotator cuff muscles can be the […]

Pull Apart With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining pull aparts with resistance band

This is probably the most important exercise you should do regularly, whether you train with resistance bands only or just incorporate some band exercises. The lifestyle nowadays is often focused around a lot of sitting. Office jobs, cars, dinner table, chilling on a sofa – you get the idea, we sit a lot. The result […]

Front Raises With Resistance Bands

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If you want to build the front of your shoulder without doing the pressing up like in shoulder press, front raises are a great exercise to do – and you can do them perfectly fine with resistance bands. In the first part of this article, I will show you how to execute a front raise […]

Upright Row With Resistance Bands

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Upright Rows are a really popular exercise to train your lateral delts as well as hitting your traps and bicep as well. This exercise has been getting some negative image lately due to problems with high by joint stress but resistance bands can give you a joint-friendly version of the upright row that is a […]

Lateral Raises With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining lateral raises resistance band featured image

Pressing movements are a part of almost every workout routine, and the shoulder muscles are always involved in any pressing exercise. A huge problem is that most people have overdeveloped front delts and are neglecting the side and the rear delt. This leads to posture problems and imbalances. We don’t want that to happen to […]

Shoulder Press With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining shoulder press with resistance band

You want healthy shoulders? Train them. Shoulder problems are quite common. People prone to train bigger muscle groups like chest, back and legs and think that other muscles will take care of themselves. I myself had a shoulder injury 10 years ago because I neglected training them. Since then, it was a long journey but […]

Incline Chest Press With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining incline chest press with resistance band

The Incline Chest Press is the go-to exercise for building your upper chest and getting well-rounded and functional chest muscles. And there is some news we have for you: you won’t need to go to the gym or spend a lot of money on specific equipment. You will be able to train your upper chest […]

Reverse Fly With Resistance Bands

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Reverse Flyes are a great exercise to build your posterior delts (easily said, the back of your shoulder). It’s a common issue for many people who work out that the rear delts are less developed compared to the front and side delts and with resistance bands you can train your rear delts really effectively. In […]

Face Pulls With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining face pulls with resistance band

Sitting is, for many, the position they spend the most time in throughout the day. Over time, this often results in a bad posture due to weak posterior deltoids and upper back muscles. This is where face pulls can help you to do a full turnaround, build up the lagging muscles and fix your posture. […]