Loop Resistance Band Set

Loop Resistance Band Set


184 Ratings


184 Ratings

5 Bands – 5 Resistance levels
Our loop bands are the most robust of all the band types we offer. Perfect for intense upper and lower body workouts to increase muscles mass, build strength and burn fat. Anytime, anywhere!

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Benefits Of Loop Resistance Bands

Light, Compact, Tough!

What's inside?


What's inside?


Introducing the BIQ Training App

Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

Anytime - Anywhere

Individual Workout Program

The BIQ app can create you a workout routine that will fit your goals and your lifestyle. Put in your perimeters and let our app create a program for you that is effective and not repetitive.

800+ Resistance Band Exercises

Inside our app you will find the biggest library of resistance band exercises and variations there is. Filter by band type and muscle group and find new exercises to spice up your workout routine. All exercises are explained in detail including videos to give you valuable tips.

Detailed Instructions

You will find detailed instructions for every exercise within our workouts. A video, step-by-step instructions, recommend band strength and timer/set counter give you a perfect guide to focus on your workout.

But see for yourself - for free!

1 week free trial included with every purchase.

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What our customers are saying

Keaton A.
Verified Purchase - 2 Months ago
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I feel muscles working, which I never felt when training with weights. Love it, not having to be in my crowded gym anymore. And I can work out outside. Didn't know I could save so much time by simply using bands.
Marcos G.
Verified Purchase - 3 Months ago
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Love my new training routine
Never felt so strong in my body. Gyms were never really my thing and with a very busy daily schedule I used to skip working out more often than I should have. Since I got my resistance bands, I keep training consistently with ease. Really like your app as well. Would certainly buy again. Money well spend. M.
Alexander S.
Verified Purchase - 1 Month ago
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Good resistance bands
Everything ok. Time will tell how good they really are.
Seb G.
Verified Purchase - 1 Month ago
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The right thing for me
I travel a lot for work, and still keeping my body fit is a challenge. Got recommended resistance bands by a friend. Stumbled upon BIQBandTraining, got myself a set and tried the app. Never looked back. It is ideal for my busy schedule.
Sean K.
Verified Purchase - 2 Months ago
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Very good
Great bands. Fast delivery. Good quality. Would recommend.
Lara Z.
Verified Purchase - 2 Weeks ago
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Nice add-on
Use them for my lower body workouts and love how exercises feel when doing them with bands. I do crossfit and am really surprised how much progress I made sense using resistance bands regularly.
Lesley P.
Verified Purchase - 1 Week ago
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Simple and effective
Finally, something which is affordable, durable and simply works. I am not that much into sports, and resistance bands let me do quick workouts which are fun and give me a basic level of fitness. All I looked for.
Aaron K.
Verified Purchase - 6 Months ago
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Am convinced
Bought a set to just try what the hype is all about. Didn't think I would actually use them frequently. Well 6 months later, and I actually train 2 times a week with bands. Love it.
Anna T.
Verified Purchase - 6 Months ago
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Looked for something I could use at home to stay fit. Found it. It turns out that 5 resistance bands and a door anchor is everything I needed.
Carina F.
Verified Purchase - 4 Months ago
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Bought as a gift for my husband. He really enjoys working out with them. Shipping was fast. In summary: Great!

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Legal Disclaimer

Inspect your bands thoroughly BEFORE EVERY use for any tears, wear, or damage. NEVER use a damaged band!
Images may differ in color. We carefully choose our suppliers but sometimes the colors are slightly different.
Bands are not toys and should not be treated as such
Bands should be kept out of the reach of younger children to avoid injury
Younger athletes should be supervised when using the bands.
Always undo the loops after each use. This will prevent excessive wear at the contact points.
Never use a door as an anchor
Never stretch any band more than twice its original length.
When you purchase bands you agree to use them for the intended purpose and at your own risk.

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