Why Does Training With Resistance Bands Work

#1 Why Does Training With Bands Work? Well the reason is quite simple. The muscles in our body have basically one purpose, and it is to enable us to interact with the world around us. Walking, jumping, opening doors, lifting a bottle to drink – all these things are only possible because our muscles can […]

The 10 Worst/Common Mistakes You Can Do When Training With Resistance Bands

There shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that using resistance bands is very effective to reach any fitness goal – be it building muscles, increase strength or loose body fat. All this is possible by training with resistance bands and of course time. Change does not come overnight. But there are some guidelines you […]

Band Types And Their Differences

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Resistance bands are resistance bands right? Unfortunately it is not that easy. There are quite some different versions of resistance bands out there. And that’s why we gonna have a look at all the different versions, see how they are different from one another and what the pros and cons are. We just gonna jump […]

Building Muscles With Resistance Bands The Right Way

building muscle with resistance bands

Fitness, Sports, Resistance Training we all do these things to stay fit and healthy. Better looks are a nice byproduct of this struggle. But putting looks aside we also want to bring our body to its limits and make progress from there. May it be building more muscle, loosing weight, building strength or tone your […]

Resistance Bands & Strength Training

strength training with resistance bands

Resistance bands and strength training…”Those two things don’t go together” you might think. “Resistance bands are for older and injured people” is another statement you might hear. Or that it is only for toning your muscles but not for building actual strength. I used to think about bands in the same way before I implemented […]

How Resistance Bands Can Boost Weight Loss

weight loss with resistance bands

If you want to lose some weight and think about using resistance bands to support that progress you have many options. I want to show you in this article how resistance bands will give you a lot more exercises to lose weight, keep your motivation up and, long-term, give you great results. Weight Loss & […]

Benefits Of Resistance Band Training

benefits of resistance band training

In the past resistance bands were mostly used for injury recovery and mobility work. But for a couple of years now they were on the rise and now have the same appreciation as weight training – in our opinion resistance bands have even more to offer than weights. So there’s a reason why many professional […]