Glute Bridges With Resistance Bands

biqbandtraining glute bridge resistance band featured image

Glute bridges are a great way to warm up your body for some heavier lower body work or to work on your stability. Especially if you’re recovering from an injury and it healed already enough that you want to get into some simply and light movements. If your goal is to build some more mass […]

Russian Twist With Resistance Band

biqbandtraining russian twist with resistance band

Russian Twist is an exercise that works well for developing your obliques as well as your general core strength. Doing it with a resistance band is a great option here because you can eliminate one of the most-common mistakes easily while getting more load on your obliques and train them more effectively than doing it […]

Pallof Press With Resistance Band

biqbandtraining pallof press with resistance band

When it comes to core or ab training, the first exercises which come into mind are crunches and sit-ups. But the world of core exercises has so much more to offer. Crunches or similar exercises limit the active muscles basically to the abs. The pallof press is still quite an unknown exercise, and at the […]

How To Perform Crunches With Bands?

biqbandtraining crunches with resistance band

Crunches is the go-to exercise when it comes to working out your abs. Sometimes bodyweigth just doesn’t cut it anymore and you want to add more resistance to your ab workout. Bands are a great tool for that and are even better when weights, due to the progressive resistance curve. Due to this behavior of […]