Pallof Press With Resistance Band

Pallof Press is an excellent exercise to strengthen your core and also work on your obliques and with a resistance band you have a lot of variations that you can implement. This exercise can be used as part of your warm-up routine or to actually work your core muscles actively, depending on how strong you set them up to be.

In the first part of this article I will show you how to perform the pallof press correctly with several tips on proper form. In the second part you will find several variations and also ways to make the pallof press harder to really find that level you need.

Pallof Press With Resistance Band

You could do the Pallof Press with a cable machine as well, but the resistance band gives you multiple advantages:

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  • It’s easier to hold because you can “lock” it between your hands really easily instead of grabbing a handle at the cable machine
  • You can easily adjust the resistance during your set by simply taking a small step towards the anchor point – or make it a little harder by stepping a little further away. A resistance band creates more or less resistance dynamically instead of having the same resistance all the time like a cable machine

There are also more reasons to favor resistance bands over traditional free weights, like reducing the stress on your joints, getting more peak contraction, and many more. But we’re talking here about doing Pallof Presses here, so if you’re interested in background info about what benefits resistance bands give you in strength training and bodybuilding, check it out here.

How To Do Pallof Press The Right Way

There are many interesting variations of the Pallof Press that you can do with a resistance band, but let’s start with the basic version.

Attach the resistance band at the height of your chest and step away and turn 90 degree.

Pallof Press gif

Now turn your shoulders in front (no need to squeeze your shoulder blades here) and get a wide stance to be stable enough. Bend your knees a little bit to have a stable stance and “lock the band inside your hands.

At the beginning of the movement you will have your hands very close to your body and then you press them out and you will feel how the resistance tries to turn your body towards the band. Counter that resistance with your core to keep your hands in the center of your body and push/pull your hands.

If you feel that’s not enough resistance you can step away further, if it’s too hard to do enough reps, get closer to the attachment point. A common mistake here is that people use a band that’s too strong and less is sometimes more, especially with the Pallof Press.

Pallof Press hand interlockLock The Band In – the best way to hold the band is by wrapping it around your hand that’s closer to the anchor point and then take your other hand and lock your fingers in so the band is between your hands.

This is the most comfortable grip where you can hold the band in the center of your body while pushing/pulling.

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Alternative Ways To Do The Pallof Press With Resistance Bands

Now let’s talk some variations and there are a couple of interesting choices you have here.

Kneeling Pallof Press – this variation is for beginners that have problems keeping the core tight during the pressing of the standard Pallof Press. If your core isn’t well-developed you can get on your knee to gain extra stability and do your Pallof Press in this position.

Pallof Press kneeling
Overhead Pallof Press – this variation will also activate your obliques more and you don’t press and pull your hands, you will keep your hands fully extended the whole time and move your arms up and down. This requires more stabilization and is a nice variation to work your core more actively.

Pallof Press overhead
Drawing Circles 
– this takes the overhead Pallof Press to the next level and instead of just going up and down with your extended army, you can start drawing circles or rounded figures in the air like “0” or “8”. This constant movement will use your core muscles for constant movement and stabilization and give them a nice workout.

Pallof Press circle gif

Pallof Press & Rotation – to really work your obliques with the Pallof Press you can now add a rotation in. Extend your arm like you would in the standard version and then turn away from the anchor point to add more resistance. This is another great example why a resistance band works so well with the Pallof Press because a cable machine wouldn’t add resistance here but by pulling away your hands from the anchor point you will create extra resistance.

Pallof Press Twist
Full Core Workout

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